Explore, Improve, Succeed.

Transformative Support with Paula.

Do you need help getting organized?

Simplify, De-clutter, Re-Balance.

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Explore, Improve, Succeed.

Transformative Support with Paula.

Paula has been coaching her whole life. The oldest of 4 siblings growing up in primarily a single parent home, she understands the profound effect that her early life has shaped a passion for working with clients through a coaching partnership.

As a natural progression, Paula received a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation from the International Coaching Academy. Paula is trained to listen, observe and provide a customized approach to clients, supporting them in developing and achieving their goals.

Paula works with clients to design a plan of action, considering their lifestyle and business. With both willingness and commitment, clients reap the benefits of creating their future with clarity and support. Forward thinking, forward actions.

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My main goal was to become more confident in my endeavors in life and this goal was definitely achieved. I became much more aware of who I am. I attained a much deeper level of awareness of my thoughts and actions, and how they impact me than I ever thought existed. I will continue to incorporate the skills and lessons I have learned into my daily life and strive to attain an even deeper level of awareness using the tools I have learned from Paula. I immensely enjoyed the coaching relationship and coaching experience. Paula was a wonderful coach who supported me and encouraged me to grow by providing me with the tools I needed to become more aware of who I am and what I am capable of.

~ Albertse, South Africa

When I began my coaching relationship with Paula, I needed to have more clarity around the next steps to take with both my life and career. I had an idea in mind, yet, I was scared to move forward on the new vision that had been presented for my life; therefore, I needed help with the self discovery piece to ensure that not only was I making the right decision, but to find peace around the overall decision. Since coaching with Paula, I have had the opportunity to have more clarity and am confidently moving forward to my new destiny. She has helped to unlock some dormant thought processes in my life, as well as, given me the confidence to be more confident in myself. Paula is a great coach. Her approach is very natural and allowed me as a client to feel comfortable to talk to her about my life. She has a great energy about her, and I looked forward to each and every session with her, as I always left feeling more positive and having more energy to direct towards our identified coaching areas. her style fit perfectly for what I needed during this new and scary part of my journey.

~ Hurcules, AR

I had met Paula over a year ago, socially, and didn’t know that she was a life-coach then a  a few months ago a friend gave me her business card. I was in one of the darkest places I have been in my life, because of many life changes and transistions. After our initial session I knew immediately that Paula was the right person to assist me in shedding some light on where I was at in my life. I was like a sponge, she showed me different ways of looking at things, she helped me to observe my own feelings and thoughts more introspectively, that in and of itself was a shift for me, that developed the skills I needed to be able to see the positive aspects of my life with more clarity. I found myself sifting through the negative. Understanding my part in my own life, Paula gently guided me out of that dark place. She shared books for me to read which have literally changed my outlook on life and myself. I look forward and am eager to continue this new wonderful journey, I am very happy that Paula and I still have our coaching sessions periodically. I have and would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

~ OHearn, Topanga CA

Do you need help getting organized?

Simplify, De-clutter, Re-Balance.

Paula offers services that transforms living spaces by implementing forward-thinking ideas and creating ‘calm from chaos’. Using the efficient systems for designing tidy spaces, Paula reduces clutter for stress-relieving results. Clients will feel more at peace and in-control of their own environment.

Paula can help with:

  • home tidying and decluttering – organizing kitchen, closets or storage area
  • preparing for your next move
  • downsizing and sorting
  • travel preparation
  • office and digital organization
  • preparing your home for realtor photos

Experienced in managing diverse projects, Paula’s passion for organizing is boundless. Paula is a skilled problem-solver and will help identify unwanted items that no long serve their purpose, arranging for removal and donation.

Available for short term “pop-in” projects or regular contracts.
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Paula came to my home/studio and immediately got me on track! In our first consultation, we were able to map out a new more efficient floor plan for my office. Once the move was made she helped me organize my filing system, and inspired me to use a much dreaded X cel sheet that I had been resisting for 2 years. She also supported me in finding an Art Inventory program/data base that organizes and keeps track of where my artwork is located as well as track sales and collect client information. Paula has been instrumental through her weekly coaching sessions in helping me get and stay organized and focused. Thank you Paula!!! 

~ Robyn Feeley , Artist, Topanga CA

Paula came into my home office and brought it back in to order. I have had a difficult time with illness in the last couple of years, because of that my paperwork became out of control, and I fell behind. I am a retired graphic designer. I have worked in advertising, freelanced for many years then managed, created new procedures and was awarded V.P. status in each agency. I designed the interiors of 5 major advertising agencies and worked on just about every product produced. I have always been a very organized person, so to fall behind was frustrating. Paula has been instrumental in bringing control back into my office. She was able to organize, purge and put my files together without much input from me which freed me. There is complete confidentiality when Paula comes into my home, she is extremely trustworthy and I will not hesitate to call her if I need help again. She is also a very fun person to be with. 

~ Lina Tso, Retired Graphic Designer, Topanga CA

I am a single working mother, with three children, aged 17 thru 7. I needed to prepare a large Topanga household for rental while we were living in the home. I needed my 17 year old daughter to pack up her room, not only for the summer, but also to prepare for September when she would be moving to college. I also had a shed in the back yard full of my ex-husband’s belongings and she dealt with this. When I hired Paula for the job, I warned her that it would it be tough, and it became a tougher job than I imagined. I watched and saw Paula handle all the situations and all the problems with grace and incredible people and management skills. 

~ Cassandra Wiseman, Writer, Topanga CA

Originally from the UK and now a Virgin Island resident, Paula came to USA in 1982. She’s an experience business owner who has worked in Los Angeles with clients in the entertainment industry providing personal assistant support, evolving into the coaching sector.

Paula’s goal is to help individuals and families by utilizing her vast knowledge and expertise gained from education and life experiences. She is committed to bringing clarity, positive experiences and compassion to all situations. Paula’s sense of fulfillment comes from assisting clients move through their stumbling blocks and progress to a state of well-being.

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